Flexible Pricing

Purchase credits and use it however you like in gaZtronaut from converting a job ad to premium to unlocking applicants or searching for candidates

*prices might be subject to change

30 Credits
  • Get 30 credits when you sign up (Valid for 1 month)
  • With 30 credits you can do up to:
  • 30 unlock applicants
  • 6 candidate search
100 Credits
USD 59
  • Valid for 1 year
  • With 100 credits you can do up to:
  • 1
    premium job ad
  • 100
    unlock applicants
  • 20
    candidate search
Save 65
600 Credits
USD 289
  • Valid for 1 year
  • With 600 credits you can do up to:
  • 6
    premium job ad
  • 600
    unlock applicants
  • 120
    candidate search
Save 179
1200 Credits
USD 529
  • Valid for 1 year
  • With 1200 credits you can do up to:
  • 12
    premium job ad
  • 1200
    unlock applicants
  • 240
    candidate search
Credit Exchange
  • Premium Job Ad (100.00 credits)
  • Unlock Applicant (1.00 credit)
  • Candidate Search (5.00 credits)
Benefits of a premium job ad
  • 30 days duration
  • Applicants are unlocked by default
  • Prioritized in search results
  • Prioritized on gaZtronaut homepage
  • Targeted job offer email
  • Social sharing by influencers
  • Exposure on the gaZtronaut facebook page

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Meet Your Reliable Hotel and Restaurant Job Finder in the Philippines and Overseas

gaZtronaut.com is an online hotel and restaurant job site in the Philippines that aims to connect hotel and restaurant job seekers with opportunity. Through content and new technologies, we cater to business and recruiters who can do the job. We at gaZtronaut.com also aim to make more smart and confident job seekers.

Our smart job search features quick filter, position guide and location. Job seekers can also check out company reviews made by professionals and people who've worked there. In gaZtronaut.com, you can also stay up to date with what's going on in the hotel and restaurant industry by reading our news feed in ZNews.

At gaZtronaut.com, we reward our loyal members with ZPoints. Points can easily be made by sending invites and sharing job posts on different social media. The ZPoints can be used to get discounts, VIP passes and other fantastic things. If you are on top of the scoreboard you also get some really cool bragging rights!

gaZtronaut.com is your hotel's, restaurant's or recruitment company's complete talent sourcing solution where we connect your business with talent. Our goal is to ensure that you hire serious and relevant candidates in the quickest and most efficient way. Our local insights and presence together with our dedicated customer service gives you the best opportunity to hire the right talent. gaZtronaut.com offers unlimited FREE job posting. As a Premium customer, you get access to the largest hotel and restaurant professional database in the Philippines. With job ad boost, you can get up to 8 times more applications from serious and relevant candidates.

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