She greets customers in a courteous and professional manner, welcomes them to the restaurant, and attends to their inquiries before handing them to a waiter who will take their orders.The telephone is very important in the job of receptionists working at restaurants.They are always by the phone to receive incoming calls with courtesy. They display confidence in communicating with callers, and answer their questions correctly.Well trained on phone etiquette to be able to handle phone conversations with clients in the most professional manner, even when under duress, to meet customers’ needs and satisfaction.Scheduling client bookings is another responsibility of a restaurant’s receptionist; therefore, she must understand the booking system to a large extent.She receives booking orders from clients, checks the records for availability of tables, and processes clients’ requests accordingly.It is the duty of the receptionist to ensure that bookings are ready before the arrival of clients to avoid awkward situations of clients coming to meet no tables.She informs diners of the number of customers waiting for tables, urging them to hurry up in order not to keep them waiting for long.she will plead with guests who are yet to get a table to be patient; while being calm when dealing with inpatient guests.She is usually the first person customers go to when they have a problem in the restaurant.
At least  high school graduate but preferably 2nd year college With or without experience Able to communicate  and deal well with co employee, officers and especially with customers.
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