Check the garbage bins & ensure to dispose all the trashes properlyEnsure that all garbage bins has garbage bags.Ensure that all tasks were done and briefed the next assigned personnel to maintain the tasks properlyEnsure that all request to be used for the next day will done before end of shiftMake sure that all garbage bins are emptied.Ensure the dining hall is clean, well maintained and organized at all times.Ensure floors are dry and clean at all times.Maintain a hygienic working environment in accordance with hygiene regulations and company standards.Adhere to all sanitation guidelines.Collects and removes trash from all areas of the operation following established procedures.Dispose of waste as per the standards and Adhere to recycling guidelines.Ensure waste bin area is kept clean and tidy.Carry out general cleaning as directed to include sweeping, mopping up, washing up, emptying of rubbish bins and boxes ensuring placement in the correct containersCleans and maintains floors and walls in kitchen and dish washing area by following standard procedures.Cleans large equipment as assigned, following established procedures.Wash, Wipe, Sort, stack and store all cleaned items in an organized and safe manner.If any breakages or chipped items found then remove them from circulation and update the breakage and inventory register.Clean, sanitize and close workstations.Uses and maintains all equipment's according to manufacturer and department guidelines.Always maintain a clean and safe work environment.Other duties as assigned.
Can be a high school or vocational graduatePleasing personality

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