1. Keeping a sanitized and cleaned food preparation areas2. Prepare ingredients to use in cooking(chopping vegetables, peeling vegetables, cutting meat)3.Ensures all food and other items are stored properly4.Prepares food according to customers orders5. Check quality of food6. Monitor stocks and place orders7. Read communication logbook and check for endorsements by the outgoing cook8.Check product ending inventory9. Check all products - actual stocks should tally with recorded ending inventory in Food and Beverage Inventory10. Record and endorse in the logbook any discrepancy negative or positive variance between actual product inventory and recorded11.Observed and performed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices); SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operations Procedures);HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points); FIFO (First-in & First Out); CAYGO (Clean as you go)12. Responsible in reporting and recording Spoiled/Substandard Wastages & Trimmings (SWT)13. Attends General meeting; sponsored activities; Training and seminars if any14. other tasks as required
•        Male•        Graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management/Culinary or any related course•        With 1 to 2 yrs experience•        Has basic knowledge of tasks such as inventory management over all kitchen operations.•        With experience in any type of cooking/cuisine.•        Knowledge in dealing with sanitation and safety procedures in kitchen for restaurant operations.•        TESDA certificate is an advantage.
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